Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones

105 W. Illinois Ave Southern Pines, NC 28387   
(419) 606-2272

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I am elated that I get to work full-time doing something that I love!  Working with both buyers and sellers and fullfilling their dreams and goals is so rewarding. I love working with first-time home buyers and guiding them through the process and watching their vision of owning their own home come to fruition. Being able to share in their excitement is a wonderful feeling for me as well.

For Sellers, I love helping them get to the next chapter in their story, whether it be downsizing or needing more space for a growing family. It's all about being able to help people on their journey and I feel so blessed to be able to have this role in my clients story. 


For Buyers, I have a "knack" at seeing the potential a home may have and sharing my ideas with them as we tour a house. A little creativity, easy do it yourself projects and paint can do wonders!


Before becoming a Realtor, I worked in long-term care and I have a special place in my heart for seniors. Being able to help this special clientele with their housing needs means a lot to me. I am very proud to have the designation of Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES).  My community envolvement corportates my interest in serving seniors along with my love of music. Here is a tribute that I did for an area family to honor their mother. 

Call me today and let me help you on your journey!
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